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We are here to fulfill all of your general construction and remodeling needs.

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Melvin General Remodeling, LLC started in 2011; serving in diferents areas In MD - DC - VA - PA. After a year of offering our services [...]

We can help! We understand each bathroom and kitchen remodel are different and customize our service to your vision [...]

Quality Remodeling Services. We do it right the first time.

Our mission

As a contractor we promise to take care of your project from start to finish, deliver it on time, specified budget and quality.

Melvin Hernandez

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Quality and price

Can get some crazy, out of the blue, hail storms that can really do a number on your roof. We will come out and fix any leaks and we will do it the right way. Preventing your home from turning into a swimming pool.
Sun is intense and fierce. Don't be without an A/C to keep you cool. We can install new units or just get your current one up and running so you can won't melt.
Sprung a leak? We can solve that problem. Our professional plumbers are effiecient and reasonable. They can get in and out with great speed and you can continue taking your long hot showers. company website.
We can rewire your entire house if need be. Which we have had to do. We can install Air Conditioning/Heating units as well as just add outlets. We also can change or move any of your lighting around. Want to put some recess lighting in your man cave?
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Looking to spice up your kitchen... Look no further. We specialize in making your house everything you ever wanted it to be. With Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels.

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Want to add a second floor, or how about a new office. We can convert any room in your house. Our in home consultation is free and you will be working with a true proffessional.

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A new fresh coat of paint can truly transform the surface of any home. Give your home the make over it deserves... After all it has kept you safe, warm and covered.